What is YOS ( Foreign Students Exam) ?

YOS ( Foreign Students Exam ) YÖS means International Students Exam in Turkey. If you want to Study in Univesity in Turkey as an international student, you must pass this exam with a good score. The YOS Examination is an entrance examination designed for foreign students wishing to study in Universities in Turkey

Who can apply for YOS Examination?

If you are an international student who has graduated at least from high school, or from any institute that is on equal terms with the high school position in Turkey, you can apply for the International Students Exam. In addition to that, you have to carry out the registration requirements determined by the higher education institutions they prefer. In Turkey, every institute and university has different terms and preferences for acceptance of international students. Therefore, you should first have a list of the requirements of the university or institute that you are going to apply.

Which Univesities have YOS Exam?

Most of the state University holds its own YOS exam. Especially Istanbul University and Ankara University holds YOS Exams in many exam centers both are in Turkey and abroad. Mostly all state Universities accept the other YOS Exam results which holds the state universities in Turkey except Istanbul and Ankara University.

When  YOS Exams held?

Each University announces the application dates and their exam dates on their web site.  

Where YOS Exams held?

The exam centers are determined by the university and are spread in many regions inside and outside Turkey. The center is chosen during registration for the examination based on the student’s desire. Each Univesity holds their exam in their own campus. Mostly they prefer in Istanbul as an alternative exam center. Especially some big universities (Istanbul University) holds their exams in outside of Turkey such as Aazerbaijan, Germany etc. 

In which languages are YOS Exams prepared?

Generally the questions in YOS Exams will be prepared and given not only in Turkish but also in many languages.   (Arabic-English-Russian-French)  The questions of Istanbul Univesity YOS Exam in 2019 has been prepared in Turkish-English-German-Arabic-French and Russian.​

Is there an application fee for YOS Exams?

Yes there is an application fee for YOS exams. Each Univesity announce their fees on their own web site.

Applications fees vary from one university to another and range from $ 30 to $ 300 and payment is made by transferring the amount to the university's bank account or by credit card.

Contents of the YOS Exam?

The exam consisting of Mathematics, IQ and Geometry questions which are multiple-choice questions. The number of questions differs from universities. 80 or 100 questions may be asked.

(IQ ) questions  which measures abstract thinking powers , reasoning abilities, analytical thinking of candidates .

Although the weight of these questions is different according to each university, it weights 40% and 60% of all questions.

 MATHEMATICS AND GEOMETRY questions are questions that measure quantitative skills. The weight of these is 30% – 40% Math,  and 10% – 20% Geometry among the total questions.